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Caring for your new jewellery from Frank Ideas

It's hard to beat the feeling you get when you open your parcel from Frank Ideas. There's anticipation, followed by the excitement of actually trying your latest selection on.

Of course, you're feeling amazing (because, hello, bold designs make your heart sing), but before you take your statement piece on it's first outing, let's talk about how you are going to keep your latest treasure looking its best.

Rowan (Frank Ideas)  wearing:  Knot Necklace,  Wide Rubber Bangle with Holes,  Revenge Earrings,  Square Ring

Frank Ideas Rubber Jewellery: Endless Style with Minimal Fuss

Let's begin with the classic rubber pieces. The wonderful thing about all Frank Ideas' designs is that you don't need to be precious with them.

Frank Ideas' Rubber Jewellery is made to be worn often and admired endlessly.

  • It doesn't like to be locked away and only taken out on special occasions. 
  • It doesn't need you to worry that you might break it.
  • It expects you to throw it on and march boldly into the world knowing that you look amazing.

I use a lot of recycled rubber disks, washers, o-rings and gaskets in my designs. These materials have often been rescued from being sent to landfill because they are old stock or surplus to needs. The fact that they have not been freshly manufactured means that the rubber may have bumps, scratches and imperfections on it. It is the very imperfections that add to the character and unique quality of your jewellery.

I look at myself as an example: old, weathered and imperfect is what makes me fabulous...I think it's the same for Frank Ideas jewellery!

Occasionally, however, your rubber jewellery will respond well to a little loving care:

To keep the rubber looking wonderful, a simple wipe with a damp cloth will do the trick. For extra shine, grab any car care spray designed for rubber (think ArmorAll or similar) and wipe dry with a soft, clean cloth.

You'll be amazed at how much brighter the rubber will look after some occasional love and attention.

Long periods of exposure to sun can cause fading and the rubber to perish so remember not to leave it sitting by a window (or in your car) for days.

Extreme stretching can weaken it, so treat it a little gently, while still having fun with it.  

Dayle  (@ArtfulCityStyle on Instagram) wearing 8 Chunky Felt Beads and Rubber and Felt necklace

Felt Ball Jewellery Fun

Next up, the felt and rubber necklaces. You'll love the playful way the felt balls can be moved along the rubber to customise your look. Just remember to be gentle with the rubber cord, holding it close to the ball you wish to move - this will prevent too much stretching. Avoid over exposure to sunlight as the delicious felt colours will fade if left for days in direct sunlight

Deb (@deborahgates on Instagram) wearing Long Chunky Resin and Rubber Necklace

Resin Jewellery, Fun Statements

Please remember that resin is brittle and may break or chip if dropped.

Because of the handmade nature of the resin beads there might be fingerprints or small dents on the surface - these imperfections are a natural part of the beads. I choose not to over sand the beads.

Sometimes the beads can feel like they have dried out a bit. Lustre can be restored and minor scratches diminished by applying a small amount (ie a tiny bit) of hand cream, simply rub on and then wipe off with a cloth. I've seen some companies recommend using baby oil - you could try this but I worry that residues of the oil might stain your clothes. 

Rowan (Frank Ideas) wearing: Flower Power Abstract Necklace Rings Cyclone Earrings

Acrylic and Perspex jewellery

Acrylic, like resin can break if dropped on hard surfaces so be a little cautious when putting on or taking off your jewellery.

It doesn't like harsh chemicals like nail polish remover or hairspray. It doesn't like hot water so remove when bathing and don't do the dishes wearing any Frank Ideas rings (in fact I don't think doing the dishes is ever a good idea.)

A polish with a soft cloth should be enough to keep it looking great.

General tips to remember when caring for your Frank Ideas jewellery:

Just like our skin, long periods of exposure to sun can cause fading and damage to surfaces.  

It's always a  good idea to wipe off any dirt, sunscreen or makeup with a damp cloth and avoid contact with hairspray or perfume. That means remembering to put your jewellery on after you have done your make up and/or hair, not before (ask me how I know!).

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