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Are you’re tired of being ignored?

It's frustrating when your wisdom and experience aren't  acknowledged.

Frank Ideas believes that you deserve to be seen as the strong, creatively independent woman that you are. The woman who knows she is enough!

As we get older, we get better. We realize that what we bring to the table matters. Not what the world thinks of us. 

Black and White image of Rowan Shaw Jewellery Designer

Even as a kid I was a little rebellious and perhaps a little unusual - possibly because of my name. Rowan - It's a boy's name isn't it? WeIl actually no it's a tree...

Now with children grown and time at last, a background in theatre and design has evolved into the chaotic creation of jewellery, where my fascination for style and expressing my true self is explored and - hopefully - refined.

Made from an eclectic mix of new, recycled and upcycled, non-conventional materials, Frank Ideas Jewellery gives you 

the conversation starter,

      you provide the wisdom.

As a contemporary designer I specialise in creating accessories that are light and easy to wear. Frank Ideas' unique jewellery designs are sculptural, tactile, bold, rebellious and...

...frankly unpredictable

start getting noticed today



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